Surf Life Saving is a volunteer led organisation peopled by those who love the beach and wish to serve their community. Lifesavers keep the beach going public safe within and beyond the flags through education, prevention, and rescue. Surf Life Saving aims to save lives, create great Australians, and build better communities by providing high quality courses that ensure lifesaver first responders are always rescue ready.

Our team of trainers, facilitators and assessors deliver training and education to our members in all awards under the Australian Lifesaving Academy NSW. SLSNSW is a Registered Training Organisation which provides nationally recognised courses and awards. Our education team are responsible for the delivery of awards in Resuscitation, Radio Operator, Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion/Cert II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue), Inflatable Rescue Boat Crewman and Silver Medallion IRB Driver.

Other courses including First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue, Silver Medallion Beach Management, Training Officers Certificate, Assessor and Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid are delivered as Branch Facilitated Courses.

All courses are nationally accredited and provide opportunities for the knowledge and skills gained through lifesaving to be used for gaining employment.

A full list of Awards and Qualifications chart can be found here.


Cudgen Headland SLSC has an experienced training and educational team providing lifesaving educational courses in Aquatic Rescue and Emergency Care.

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This course provides candidates with the skills and knowledge in patrolling and surf awareness for participation in lifesaving operations.

Key components are

  • – Surf awareness
  • – Signals
  • – Radio communications
  • – Resuscitation
  • – Emergency Care
  • – Run-Swim-Run
  • – Rescues and Carries
  • – Patrol Skills
  • – Spinal management

Prerequisite for the Course:

  • Be a financial member of Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club
  • Be minimum fifteen (15) years of age on the day of assessment
  • Complete a 400 metre pool swim in nine (9) minutes or less
tube rescue human crutch support


The Surf Rescue Certificate can be undertaken by anyone who is 13 years of age or older. SRC is the bridging course for Nippers before they undertake their Bronze Medallion and the minimum award needed to do water safety .

The course often runs at the same time as the Bronze Medallion (see Bronze Medallion course dates above).

Candidates who have gained the SRC award and are 15 years or older, can do the SRC Bronze Medallion transition to update to a Bronze Medallion.

Key components are:

  • – Surf awareness
  • – Signals
  • – Radio communications
  • – Resuscitation
  • – Run-Swim-Run – Rescues

Prerequisite for the Course:

  • Be a financial member of Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club
  • Be minimum thirteen (13) years of age on the day of assessment
  • Complete a 200 metre pool swim in five (5) minutes or less



Other awards are available to members which include First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques and Powercraft.

Members are encouraged to fully participate in their lifesaving duties by undertaking higher awards.

The next date for these courses is TBA:

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques

The next date for this course is (TBA).  

Powercraft Awards

These awards include IRB Crew, IRB Driver and RWC (Jetski) awards. The next date for this course is (TBA).

First Aid Awards

These awards include Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, First Aid and Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid. The next date for this course is (TBA).

Public Safety Awards

These include Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management and the Gold Medallion. The next date for this course is (TBA).

Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze medallion courses

SRCs need to be 13 years or older and be a reasonable swimmer.

Bronzes need to be at least 15 years and be a reasonable swimmer.

We’ve trained people in their 60’s and 70’s so if you’re interested, please have a go. SRCs need to be able to swim 200m in a pool in 5 minutes and Bronzes 400m in a pool in 9 minutes. We’ll teach you the skills and knowledge needed for lifesaving. If you’re now feeling inspired and want to be a part of the largest volunteer organisation of its kind in the world and get to wear our iconic uniform, come, and join us at Cudgen.

It should be noted that these courses generally require an online theory component to be completed prior to attending and run for approximately 6 week, usually comprising one evening per week for theory and a beach/ocean session on the weekend.  All nominations must be submitted to Branch by the club CTO, who will verify that you are eligible and that you hold the necessary prerequisites.For further information on courses and training, please contact the education committee at