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Thank you for joining us at Cudgen Headland Surf Lifesaving Club.  Junior development within surf lifesaving is a valuable learning opportunity for our children and has its origins in the 1960s. Cudgen’s Junior Activities Committee (JAC) was founded during the Cudgen Headland’s SLSC annual general meeting of the 1966-67 season when it was suggested that a nipper club be formed and Jack Julius was elected president on its formation on 30 Oct 1966.

At Cudgen Headland SLSC we have a dedicated team that will train and develop the children, ensuring they have a fun beach experience throughout the season. You are encouraged to assist us with the activities that make this sport and this club great. These activities provide your children with skills they can use throughout their lives. The following information booklet has been prepared to get you started. Do not hesitate to speak to anyone of the Committee members if you have any questions or feedback.

Over time, the JAC movement has grown and developed along with the changing surf lifesaving culture, changing community attitudes and the changing expectations of members. The one thing that has remained constant is the willingness of members to commit their time to the training and mentoring of our children.  

At Cudgen Headland SLSC Nippers we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment in which to develop your child’s confidence, knowledge and skills in surf awareness, surf skills, lifesaving and teamwork.  

At the same time, Nippers provides an enabling space to forge new friendships, stay fit and healthy, and feel connected to a community with a rich and diverse history of almost 100 years

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Nippers Registration

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Child Safe & Working with Children

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Typical Nippers Day at Cudgen Headland Nippers

08:15:   Beach Setup; Layout beach for flags, sprint track & water areas
Selection of water areas under guidance of Water Safety Captain
Water Safety Form completed with reference to Patrol Captain
Erect Tents (drink station & marshalling) plus BBQ tent
Layout Boards – Foam and fiberglass
Set up Age Group markers
Rake sand for Flags area/s
08:30:  Water setup, launch IRB, set buoys, water safety equipment
08:30:  Age Managers, Assistants and Water Safety Debrief
08:45:  Move Nippers to designated activity areas for sign on
09:00:  Nipper & Parent briefing
09:00:  Nipper Activities commence
11.30:  Complete Activities sign off nippers on the grass area
11.30:   Pack away all equipment – debrief at the BBQ

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